CockadoodleMoo Food Truck


Today I met some of the nicest people ever. Douglas & Jolie Rollins owners of the “COCKADOODLEMOO Food Truck & Catering”. First off let me start by saying I want more! And I want more right NOW! Today, I received an email from our office administrator letting us know a new food truck will be in our neighboring parking lot today. When I received that notice I knew what I was going to be eating for lunch and let me tell you the Cockadoodlemoo truck did not disappoint. Today I decided to go with the Turkey Foghorn (Pulled smoked Walk Ahead Farms Turkey/toasted baguette/sriracha mayo/pickled radish salad). All made in house. This gourmet sandwich was stacked high, there is no skipping on the meat or other ingredients. Fresh, local, and all natural ingredients are always better, and this truck promotes all three. Quality is very high on this truck’s list.



ABOUT Douglas & Jolie…

“CockADoodleMoo, Food Truck and Catering, is owned and operated by my husband (Doug Rollins) and I (Jolie Rollins). Along with our rescue beagle Roscoe, we are active members of the North Raleigh/Wake Forest community.

While we didn’t get our wheels under us until 2014, CockADoodleMoo is our lifelong dream, whose real story started over 20 years ago at Crowley’s Courtyard”

“Over the next couple decades, Doug stayed in the kitchen honing his culinary skills as head chef at local country clubs, while I took my customer service skills to the corporate world and built a successful career in healthcare.”

Doug Thank you for staying in the Kitchen because that Foghorn sandwich is AMAZING! And clearly Jolie, I could tell you are people person without even knowing your background.

“So together, we decided that 2014 would be the year we lived fearlessly and followed our dreams. It was time… CockADoodleMoo time! We couldn’t think of a better way to share our passion for barbecue, true southern hospitality, and making new friends than our very own food truck!”



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